Angela is best know for her role as Lisa Brennan in the UK award winning feature film ‘Never Let Go’ by Howard J Ford. She plays a single American mother desperately searching for her missing child following an abduction. Shot in Morocco, Spain, US and the UK; ‘Never Let Go’, also stars Bafta award winning actress Lisa Eichborn, Nigel Whitmey, Velibor Topic and Heather Peace.

She won Best Actress at the Artemis, Women In Action Film Festival in LA and has garnered much praise from critics and audiences alike; ‘a towering tour de force’, ‘Electrifying central performance, ‘Powerhouse performance’, ‘Superb lead turn from the totally committed Angela Dixon’.

Angela is a visceral, intelligent, truthful actress who invests everything she has into her work. In ‘Never Let Go’ she did all her own stunts and fight scenes in Guerrilla filming conditions.

Angela currently has two films newly released:

‘Adventure Boyz’  Available VOD UK from the 29th June, 2020 including Amazon, iTunes, Virgin Media and Sky.

‘Homeless Ashes’  Available UK VOD on Vimeo and Amazon

Homeless Ashes is a UK feature film shining a light on Homelessness by Marc Zammit, Aptitude Films with Lew Temple, Jason Flemyng, Andrew Lee Pots, Maria Howell, Hector Bateman-Hardman and Dean Maskell. Angela won Best Actress for your role as Abbie, the kind hearted, gentle mother of Frankie who runs away from home and lives on the streets. Homeless Ashes can be seen from the 24th February to the 4th March at selected Everyman Cinemas.

‘Adventure Boyz’ Angela’s second film with Howard J Ford, Latitude Films. A heartfelt message to young children from a father to get off their devices and out into the real world of adventure. It tells the story of two young boys who get caught up in a diamond heist whilst out on an adventure. Family entertainment at it’s best. Adventure Boyz is currently on release in the USA and Canada by Gravitas Ventures with a potential audience reach of 400 million homes on multiple platforms including Amazon, Vudu, YouTube, iTunes .

Angela trained at Goldsmiths College [BA Hons Drama/English] and the Drama Studio London. She spent 8 years studying with Stefan Gryff in his one to one screen acting tutorials and has also studied with Andrew Higgs [Alchemy of Screen Acting].